Handling Quarrels with Your Neighbours

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Handling Quarrels with Your Neighbours

Handling Quarrels with Your Neighbours

Nobody is perfect, many types of conflicts arise between neighbours throughout the world. Disagreement is a part of human nature. From high volume sound systems to dog barking the whole night, petty quarrels between children to bad housekeeping and littering in the campus can result in quarrels between neighbours. This is the somewhat natural phenomenon it comes in the lives of most of us many times frequently. We should know how to manage it peacefully and constructively and be a good dependable neighbour in our building of township. Below mentioned are some tips which can help you manage such quarrels peacefully.

The moment quarrels start check thoroughly that it is because of really some problem:
Once the quarrel starts to make sure that it is really some problem. There is a big difference between a disturbing situation occasionally and a frequently occurring act which disturbs your quality and peace of life. If it is an occasional one you may not make it a big issue and wasting your energy and reputation also sometimes. But if it is a case like your alcoholic neighbour who disturbs your peaceful sleep at night frequently in a week, you should try to solve this problem peacefully.

Keep a log of the behaviour in question:
Often times we're blind to our own flaws. Your neighbour may not be aware that they often blast the volume on their TV so loud other people can hear it or that when they constantly walk around with shoes on it reverberates loudly into the apartment below. The better you can document what's going on, the better you can illustrate your point to your neighbour (as well as to your landlord or housing association, if it comes to that). Keep a log of the offending behaviour for a week or more, noting when it happens and for how long. You don't necessarily have to show them the log the first time you bring up the issue, but it's good to keep handy in case they try to dispute the facts. Add to your log any communication you and your neighbour have about the problem, including when you discussed it and what was said.

Take help of other neighbours also:
Find out what your other neighbours think of this annoying neighbour. Many times it happens others also have complaints against this difficult neighbour. Remember the power of numbers. Approach this person with your group of affected neighbours, this can prove better rather than approaching that person alone. If possible find out if some of your neighbour is closer to this annoying person, with his help also you can try to solve the problem.

Read the rules thoroughly:
If you are living in a flat, you might have a detailed list of rules about the behaviour of residents and tenants. If this disturbing neighbour is breaking rules which are written in your agreement, your position will become stronger against him. For example, in some building, it is a rule that nobody should play loud music at night.

By: Yamin Memon (Chief Editor – Bricksyard.com)

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