Sale & Purchase

Sale & Purchase

Bricksyard vantage point is, it's in-house data analytics team coupled with in-house Expert Property Consultant crunches data and evaluate market trends to provide you greater insight and guidance at the critical time of sale and purchase of your property.

Property Valuation and Research

  • Benchmarking of the property value through a scientific valuation report from a registered Valuation Expert, Our in-house Big Data Analysis using multiple sources.
  • Comparison with prevailing transaction prices in properties around the neighborhood/Locality.
  • Rental and capital value growth trends

Marketing and Transaction Assistance

  • Bricksyard ensures that your property gets optimum coverage online as well as offline platforms through our portal as well as our registered Bricksyard partners.
  • When purchasing a property, We have a large database of best investment properties available which help you narrow down localities for investment and search for the best deals within them
  • Once the buyer/seller is identified, we handhold you in every step of the transaction to ensure smooth completion a Look at our buying process.
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